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From traditional to the latest trends in Olympic competition techniques to grappling, we aim to offer the very best in fitness and self-defense.  We offer instruction for children from the age of 6 and adults of all levels.  



We offer Physical Education courses at Cornell University for Cardio-Kickboxing, and of course, for Taekwondo.



We'll close from Dec. 23, 2019 - Jan. 5, 2020 for the winter holidays. We'll re-open on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020.

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Youth - Absolute Beginner (white belt):

Thursday 5:30 - 6:45pm & Saturday 10:00 - 11:15am

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Team training, grappling, boxing - seasonal


First ECTC Tournament of the 17-18 Season, at MIT on October 21.

Despite strong showings by West Point & MIT, despite the #1 seed Cornell B1 team going down in flames in the opening rounds of the competition, the Cornell team extended its record-breaking, unbeaten ECTC tournament streak to 22 by scoring 393 points.  West Point followed with 350, and MIT with 305.

The next ECTC tournament will be at Cornell on November 5.



From top left clockwise: Prez Alex '18 scores 4 points with spinning heel; A1 Marine '19 delivers clutch performance on her way to the finals showdown against West Point; A2 Ilana '18 scores a high kick; A2 Melanie '18 smiles before her match



507 Record # of competitors in last weekend's ECTC tournament at Princeton, the most in the nation.

37 Record # of colleges participating in the tournament.

1st Cornell's performance at the tournament.

532 Points collected by the Cornell team.  They reached the finals in 5 out of 6 possible divisions.

50 # of Cornell competitors there.

20 Current # of consecutive 1st place victories by the Cornell team, dating back from May 2013.

30 # of years Sabomnim H. Cho has coached at Cornell.

22 # of ECTC (Eastern Collegiate TKD Conference) Cups won in those years.



It's taken Sabomnim over 16 years to get to this point, but he's finally done and is excited to share his story with everyone. Preview the book here and check out the Reviews by Manhattan Book Review & San Francisco Book Review:



The Cornell TKD team traveled to Boston for their first of five ECTC tournaments held on 10/15, at MIT with the daunting task of keeping the 16 ECTC tournament winning streak alive.  Despite strong competitions from record-break attendance -- over 470 competitors! -- Cornell pulled away with 1st place victory with 371 points.

Led by captain Kyo-San Ky '17, and with strong performance from Jared Gurba '18, the #1 seeded Cornell Men's A1 team defeated the #2 seeded West Point A1 team in a showdown that determined the outcome of the event.

Not to be outdone, Cornell Mens C1 contributed to the cause with a memorable performance of their own, winning in a field of 40 teams!  Newcomer Josephine Wong '20 rounded out the day by winning the Women's Black Belt Poomsae.

The next ECTC competition will be here at home on Sunday, 11/06, at Ramin Room (Bartels).





8 youths -- Erik, Leela, Boaz, Zola, Malcolm, Jakin, Darby, Deakon -- from C.W. TKD in Ithaca traveled to Boston on Sunday, Oct. 16 to compete in this ever-growing family TKD event.  Although most of the youngsters were only first or second time competitors, the 3rd-time competitors, Deakon & Darby, displayed the importance of the competition experience by winning their matches with poise and grit.  A special shoutout to Deakon, who had to pull a come-from-behind victory with an injured knee.



Comments from H. Cho:


Although closely related, Moo Duk Kwan is a separate organization from KTA (Korea Taekwondo Association).  Our school gives out KTA certification because KTA is the top governor of Taekwondo ranks in Olympic Taekwondo.  KTA is the top governor because it is the result of the unification of various “kwans,” with Moo Duk Kwan being one of its major contributors.  It is widely believed that the original art of Taekwondo is derived from early members of Moo Duk Kwan family tree, which is a more traditional Korean martial art organization that had past names such as Soo Bak Do and Tang Soo Do.  The trademark symbol of Moo Duk Kwan is widely recognized around the world.  Although I have been in the ranks of KTA for most of my martial art career, I’ve also been in the ranks of Moo Duk Kwan.  When my limited travel option prevented me from obtaining 8th Dan required from KTA, for the time being, I went ahead with rank of 8th Dan from Moo Duk Kwan, although it was not publicly announced.  While I plan to continue my ascension to KTA ranks once my travel option opens up, understanding my situation, Grandmaster Yong A. Kwon (9th Dan in both KTA and Moo Duk Kwan), whom I respect very much, submitted the proposal of my 9th Dan rank to Moo Duk Kwan Committee this year and it was accepted as of September 30, 2015.


First of all, rank is only as valuable as the one who gives it.  Of all the great martial artists I’ve known in my time, Grandmaster Kwon always exceeded my expectation of how a career martial artist should be.  To be recognized by him with this enormous reward is truly humbling.  And of course, this reward would not have been possible were it not for many who have helped build my martial art community, especially my students, and former students.  It’s true that, sometimes, good students can elevate a stature of an aspiring idealistic teacher higher and farther than visa versa.  Finally, I hope this inspires not just myself, but those around me that if you work hard and are willing to dedicate something you believe in, no matter what difficult roads might lie ahead, the road less traveled is the one you will be the most proud of.



Nine of the finest members of C.W. Taekwondo Youth Team (Deacon, Darby, Carla, Max, Andrew, Grace, Jakin, Boaz, and Zola) represented Ithaca area in the 2015 NE Championship held on Oct. 17th at MIT, Cambridge, MA. 


As expected, seasoned competitors like Deacon, Andrew, Max, and Grace dominated their competition, but everyone was even more impressed with first timers like Zola, Jakin, and Boaz whom showed great courage despite their lack of experience. 


Everyone competed to the best of their ability and showed great team spirit.  They cheered loudly for their teammates, and took in their wins and losses with positive attitude.  None summarized this example more than Darby when he faced an opponent who was much bigger and stronger than he was and ended up suffering his rare defeat.  Despite the lopsided size, Darby never gave up and stayed upbeat even in the face of losing, promising himself to improve more for next year.  Master Han Cho couldn’t have been any more prouder of this year’s fine bunch!





Over 440 collegiate competitors from 23 schools turned out to compete in this season’s start of five installments of ECTC tournaments held at MIT in October 18, 2015.


Led by a strong Men’s A1 team consisting of Jared’18, Kyo-San’17, and Jeremy’17, the Cornell team fought their way to 1st place victory, amassing 463 team points, while Tufts University finished second, and MIT, third, with their points in the 200’s.


Currently, the Cornell team is setting a record breaking pace by winning 12 consecutive ECTC events that started from 2013.  Cornell has held the ECTC cup for the last three years, largely anchored by its Men’s A team that continues to dominate in this highly competitive division that seems to lack no talent from other schools year after year. 


David Cui ‘16, the perennial poomsae phoenom, took 3d place in the crowded Men’s Black Belt division. Women’s B2 team, led by Lydia, posted upset victories en route to the gold medal podium to the delights of their teammates.  Successful team winnings from Men’s B and C teams also contributed to Cornell's decisive victory. 


Unlike other TKD tournaments, the ECTC competition requires every point from every rank in every division to be successful, making the league the most complete form of TKD competition circuit in USA.  The next ECTC event will be held at Cornell on Nov 8th.





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